The Landscape of the North Carolina Real Estate Market

The vast North Carolina real estate market features sprawling estates listed as landmark destinations, beach houses with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean and other homes tucked away to the west as mountain retreats appointed with lavish amenities. And yes, the supply and demand for an average home also drives a brisk market in the state. 


Typically, as one of the top states for home buyers, the North Carolina housing market offers a number of unique properties like those found in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The National Association of Realtors forecasts 4.71 million existing homes will be sold in 2024 as list prices stabilize during the period. And the state hits the Top 10 Real Estate Markets to watch with Durham-Chapel Hill…

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The Impact of Frozen Pipes On Your Home 

Dealing with frozen pipes is certainly not a glamorous task on a homeowner’s list. However, the pending arrival of cold weather highlights a few priorities that every homeowner should address to prevent problems such as frozen pipes and the potential damage and costly repairs.

The impact of frozen pipes on your home can be minimal if preventive efforts are in place ahead of freezing temperatures. Homeowners have a wealth of tips and DIY options to tackle the problem of keeping water flowing freely through the pipes. A recurring theme in the advice for homeowners about how to prevent frozen pipes is to make sure they familiarize themselves with the network of plumbing in their home and to know what it takes to keep the pipes protected when…

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Preparing for Natural Disasters Requires Good Planning 

The thought of preparing for natural disasters generally does not top the list of things to do for homeowners. It’s a task that usually hovers on the “I’ll get to it list.” But the process of preparing for natural disasters is steadily gaining priority as damage from storms and other events make headlines across the country.

By definition, a natural disaster is classified as a major to a catastrophic event and is most often linked to weather or atmospheric changes. Natural disasters include wildfires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes. The majority of natural disasters are weather-related and why there is an increased emphasis for homeowners to be prepared in advance to reduce the risk of damage and injuries.

How can we prepare for…

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Understanding Who Pays Closing Costs in NC

There is usually a long list of questions when it comes to any real estate transaction. Often leading the way, right after inquiries about the purchase price, are the questions aimed at understanding who pays closing costs in NC. The seller and buyer each cover a portion of the closing cost and may compromise on a few items to close the deal.

In North Carolina, both the seller and the buyer generally pay some portion of closing costs. The guidelines are standard statewide so a buyer and seller in Charlotte will have a similar list of closing cost fees as someone in Cashiers and throughout Western North Carolina. The specific amounts that each side is expected to cover in the transaction depend on the terms of the contract; what was negotiated and…

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The Keys to Buy A Second Home

The plan to buy a second home is typically based on a variety of unique reasons. In some cases, the purchase is a long-held dream while other buyers crunch the numbers and determine it makes more sense financially to purchase what is considered a vacation home.

During the past two years, real estate markets across the county have experienced the increasing trend of buyers looking to purchase second homes in favorite vacation destinations. The Internal Revenue considers a second home as property occupied by the owner for about two weeks annually or reserved for personal use on average 10% of the time open to generate rental income.

While there may be a list of similarities for purchasing a primary residence, different rules may apply when it…

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Cycling Through the North Carolina Bike Trails

Cyclists have miles of North Carolina bike trails to pedal throughout the state. In fact, North Carolina is a popular destination for mountain biking, competitive cycling events, and those ready to explore scenic bicycle routes crisscrossing the state’s diverse landscape.

North Carolina ranks No. 22nd on the Bicycle Friendly Communities as designated by the League of American Bicyclists. The state is home to 13 bicycle-friendly communities stretching from Asheville, Boone, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte to name a few. Mountain biking is the only way to go for some who want the adventure of taking on some of the state’s challenging bike trails. Cyclists also head to North Carolina to hit the open road to cover a bike route.

There is a lot of ground…

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Use Open House Tips to Make the Sale

The journey of buying or selling a home is an adventure, thus making it necessary for property owners and potential home buyers to rely on open house tips to close the deal. Preparing to buy or sell a property is a process that requires attention to detail, especially during an open house event. Buyers will walk through the door with critical eyes looking for specific features before making an offer.

North Carolina’s thriving real estate market offers a wealth of options from the famous Triangle region encompassing Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. In addition, the mountain ranges in the western part of the state from Asheville to Cashiers and the cluster of islands forming the Outer Banks region are both trending real estate sectors as more people…

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Locating Luxury Equestrian Property in North Carolina

North Carolina has a rich history of horses throughout the state accompanied by a growing portfolio of equestrian property to call home. While most are familiar with the beautiful wild horses that roam the state’s eastern shoreline of the Outer Banks, it is perhaps the mountains in the west that attract horse lovers to the state in search of the perfect equestrian property.

It’s easy to enjoy the equestrian lifestyle in Western North Carolina. Fall in love with a horse farm near iconic and quaint mountain towns or settle into one of the exclusive communities within close proximity to popular venues for equestrian competition. Whether establishing a relaxed routine as a casual rider or having access to world-class amenities in a private setting is…

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The 5 Best North Carolina Mountain Towns to Live In

The majestic peaks of the Blue Ridge Parkway, charming towns offering luxurious properties with panoramic beauty are just a few of the reasons that many seek out the best place to live in the North Carolina mountains. Whether drawn to the fresh mountain air, top dining, award-winning art galleries and unique shopping boutiques all and more can be found in the mountains of North Carolina.

Imagine waking up each morning to stunning 360-degree mountain views, the rushing sound of nearby waterfalls and in close proximity to some of the nation’s top hiking trails, prize fly fishing and a list of other pursuits. There is a lot to discover when you live in North Carolina mountain towns.

Cashiers, NC

The town of Cashiers is centrally located in the…

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 What to Look For When Adopting a Rescue Dog

There are many paths to adding your new furry friend into the family, and each one is special and a cause of celebration for years to come. Wondering what to look for when adopting a dog? There’s a lot that goes into adding a new member to your family.

There are several things to look for when adopting a rescue dog from your local animal shelters or rescue groups. What to look for when adopting includes factors like personality, health, behavior, size, and other important considerations. You should look for a dog who is friendly and eager to make a connection; a dog whose exercise requirements fit your lifestyle; and a dog who is appropriately sized for your home.

Another thing to look for when adopting a canine companion? You might like a…

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