The Impact of Frozen Pipes On Your Home 

Dealing with frozen pipes is certainly not a glamorous task on a homeowner’s list. However, the pending arrival of cold weather highlights a few priorities that every homeowner should address to prevent problems such as frozen pipes and the potential damage and costly repairs.

The impact of frozen pipes on your home can be minimal if preventive efforts are in place ahead of freezing temperatures. Homeowners have a wealth of tips and DIY options to tackle the problem of keeping water flowing freely through the pipes. A recurring theme in the advice for homeowners about how to prevent frozen pipes is to make sure they familiarize themselves with the network of plumbing in their home and to know what it takes to keep the pipes protected when…

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Preparing for Natural Disasters Requires Good Planning 

The thought of preparing for natural disasters generally does not top the list of things to do for homeowners. It’s a task that usually hovers on the “I’ll get to it list.” But the process of preparing for natural disasters is steadily gaining priority as damage from storms and other events make headlines across the country.

By definition, a natural disaster is classified as a major to a catastrophic event and is most often linked to weather or atmospheric changes. Natural disasters include wildfires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes. The majority of natural disasters are weather-related and why there is an increased emphasis for homeowners to be prepared in advance to reduce the risk of damage and injuries.

How can we prepare for…

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