Locating Luxury Equestrian Property in North Carolina

North Carolina has a rich history of horses throughout the state accompanied by a growing portfolio of equestrian property to call home. While most are familiar with the beautiful wild horses that roam the state’s eastern shoreline of the Outer Banks, it is perhaps the mountains in the west that attract horse lovers to the state in search of the perfect equestrian property.

It’s easy to enjoy the equestrian lifestyle in Western North Carolina. Fall in love with a horse farm near iconic and quaint mountain towns or settle into one of the exclusive communities within close proximity to popular venues for equestrian competition. Whether establishing a relaxed routine as a casual rider or having access to world-class amenities in a private setting is important to a buyer, there are options to suit both and more. Gain the best from a luxury equestrian property in western North Carolina and let the scenic mountain views help seal the deal.


Is North Carolina horse-friendly

Is North Carolina horse-friendly?

North Carolina is an ideal location for those looking to enjoy an equestrian lifestyle for horse lovers. North Carolina’s western region is home to several equestrian centers attracting riders from several surrounding states. In fact, riding is very much a part of the area, home to many equestrian trails and a list of other amenities in place for horses and their owners. Many equestrians seek facilities in western North Carolina to focus on training or to be near an established community of horse lovers.

So yes, North Carolina is a horse-friendly state. Visitors will discover horses are very much welcomed throughout North Carolina, from the beaches of the Outer Banks region to the mountain towns lining the Plateau sector and beyond. The scenic beauty, unmatched by just about anywhere else, and the cooler mountain temperature is the main attraction for equestrians looking to settle down in North Carolina. 


What should I look for in a luxury equestrian property?

Typically, as with real estate in general, location is the first thing on the list when looking for luxury equestrian property. Is this the area where the buyer wants to settle down? If so, then what other features are required? An inclusive property to support an equestrian lifestyle? Or is the property close to a stable or barn facility? Most certainly if the drive between home and where the horses are boarded will be substantial, the real estate search may have to be adjusted in order to acquire the right property for sale.  

Working with a knowledgeable professional about equestrian properties in a region is wise, especially when it comes to helping buyers and sellers navigate this niche market. Buyers of equestrian real estate may align their search with the type of horse they ride. Real estate brokers will help check off the list of requested priorities.


Is a horse farm a good investment

Is a horse farm a good investment?

In a similar fashion to other real estate purchases, the value is in the buyer’s eye. Suppose the buyer is a competitive equestrian or establishing a horse farm. In that case, the purchase will reflect their desire to invest in a property for sale to accomplish their goals when the right location meets most or all of the items on a buyer's wish list.

A variety of other factors will also be considered when purchasing the luxury equestrian property. A buyer, for instance, may consider if the climate of a region is suitable for the horses or how close the property is to other amenities such as an equestrian center. Attention also focuses on the features of existing luxury homes on the variety of properties in the market. As with other real estate searches, the broker will want to know the amount of living space needed, how many bedrooms, the kitchen layout, and further details will be factors into a purchasing decision. So adding it all up will determine if a horse farm is a good investment.


How do I buy an equestrian property?

The desire to purchase an equestrian property is not unlike any other type of real estate. Whether it is a commercial build, or vacant land, the equestrian property is simply a market sector. While there may be a concentration of equestrian properties in a particular region, finding one available on the market may be a challenge.

A bit of advice for those looking to acquire luxury equestrian property is to determine a particular region of the country and explore what is available for sale in the market—partner with a professional real estate agent deemed reliable with this property sector. The agent will be able to sort out the buyer's requests and find the most suitable locations to preview.


Do stables add value to a property?

Equestrian property buyers may want to keep their horses close by rather than boarding off site. The ability to walk out to the stables and care for the animals may be a top priority for clients who want to purchase a horse farm or equestrian property. In this case, stables on the property will definitely set it apart from others in the area.

If a property is void of existing stables, it could still be an option to purchase if there is enough land to build the facility to the buyer’s specification. A real estate broker who knows the market well can help guide buyers on the best solution for onsite stables.


How many horses can you have per acre in North Carolina

How many horses can you have per acre in North Carolina?

Most experts recommend keeping no more than two horses per acre. However, the total number of horses an owner can have on a property in North Carolina will depend on the county and other municipal rules in place. The seller may have a special exemption for zoning or other accommodations so don’t just take what was previously allowed at face value. Buyers should inquire early and often so they don’t get their heart set on a property that will not fit the number of horses they plan to house.

Potential buyers should make sure to ask questions upfront so there are no surprises once the purchase is executed. During the search, the real estate agent will be able to help buyers navigate what is allowed based on the area and the existing zoning related to horses.


Where is the best place to live and have horses?

In North Carolina perhaps the best place to live and have horses is in the western part of the state, complete with quaint towns nestled near the scenic mountain ranges. The region is attractive for various reasons including the climate, exclusive communities and excellent proximity to equestrian centers.

North Carolina’s western region is home to a vast network of trails to explore on horseback for the casual rider while also having a number of top training and competition venues for professional equestrians. This part of the state should be a top contender when considering equestrian properties for sale.


Western North Carolina Luxury Equestrian Properties

The search for luxury equestrian properties in western North Carolina produces a number of excellent options for buyers looking to embrace the area and the love of horses. Potential buyers will be interested to learn that the region is home to some notable horse farms and equestrian centers to include Asheville, Tyron, Candler, Arden to name a few. The Highlands-Cashiers Plateau, including Franklin, Glenville and the Sapphire Valley, are all gaining popularity as hubs for horse properties and luxury homes. Take a few notes from the western North Carolina relocation guide to learn more about the area.

The selling point for many deciding to relocate to western North Carolina is the number of equestrian facilities within a short radius of this part of the state. Knowledgeable real estate brokers in this market will be able to share with buyers that a two-hour drive from Highlands-Cashiers Plateau is the Tryon International Equestrian Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The center is centrally located between Georgia International Horse Park and the Kentucky Horse Park, home of the National Horse Show. In addition, Chattahoochee Hills, Blowing Rock, Camden, and Aiken, all big horse show venues, are nearby. A notable location is the Biltmore Equestrian Center in Asheville.

Buyers can also consider one of three equestrian neighborhoods in western North Carolina: Bald Rock in Sapphire, Laurel Falls in Glenville and Cold Springs in Highlands. In addition, boarding facilities and a network of support vendors also call the region home.


Discover Your Perfect Luxury Equestrian Property

Discover Your Perfect Luxury Equestrian Property

Potential buyers have a lot to choose from in the search for luxury equestrian property. Whether situated on a horse farm or within an exclusive neighborhood just a short drive from a boarding facility, the Landmark team of real estate brokers stand ready to assist buyers and sellers of horse property.

Saddle up for a casual ride on your property or explore nearby. Contact any of our Landmark real estate brokers to explore the area and find a beautiful luxury home to check off everything needed for the equestrian lifestyle. Take a moment to browse the available properties on our website and contact us if you see a home that beacons a closer look.

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