If you're wondering whether you should buy investment property in North Carolina, you're not alone. Property is the largest asset class by value – bigger than stocks – and it's also one of the most predictable. While there are economic events that cause rental income and sale prices to fluctuate, they're rare. People who buy investment property in North Carolina typically experience low volatility and stable returns over time.

Buying investment property in North Carolina is a worthwhile venture. This is due to high occupancy rates, steady demand for rentals, and historically stable performance. However, there are important details that should be considered before investing. These details include where in North Carolina to buy, the best way to…

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For those seeking fashionable and functional gear for all things mountain living, look no further than the Highland Hiker in Cashiers and Highlands, NC. Founded in 1982 by David and Carol Wilkes, the original Happy Hiker was a small hiking shop offering everything the rugged mountain man or woman needed to venture out into the great outdoors of Highlands hiking and camping. Walking sticks, hiking boots and fishing gear were just a sampling of offerings in the original Highlands, NC, store.

Flash forward almost a decade and the Highland Hiker was re-born and relocated to the highly coveted Main Street location in Highlands. This move was significant, not only because of the increased visibility on Main Street, but also because of the new building,…

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It’s November; which means everyone in the country is gearing up for good food and good times with family. In Cashiers, NC, people are gearing up for another year of Gobble on the Green, and a fun Turkey Trot 5k that gets participants up and active on a day that most people commit to eating and napping. This year, the event will be held on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, and will begin at 10 a.m.

History of The Event

This was the first year in many years that there was a Thanksgiving Day 5k in Cashiers, NC. In 2018, The Village Green of Cashiers decided to start up the 5k again. Last Thanksgiving, around 450 people in the community came out to celebrate Thanksgiving and run in the 5k. This was a bigger turnout than expected, but brought…

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The Highlands Food and Wine Festival, now celebrating its fourth year, is the area’s premier culinary event. Highlands, North Carolina is known to many as the crown jewel of the Western North Carolina mountains. A prestigious and picturesque town, Highlands sits on the edge of the Smoky Mountains at an elevation of 4,118 feet. It’s easy to see how the town got its name. During the summer months, many flock to this mountain sanctuary seeking cooler temperatures, breathtaking views from hiking trails, world class fly-fishing and magical waterfalls, but one of Highlands’ main attractions is the Highlands Food and Wine Festival. Events abound as everyone, visitors and locals alike, head for the outdoors. This town isn’t just for outdoor enthusiasts.…

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