The Keys to Buy A Second Home

The plan to buy a second home is typically based on a variety of unique reasons. In some cases, the purchase is a long-held dream while other buyers crunch the numbers and determine it makes more sense financially to purchase what is considered a vacation home.

During the past two years, real estate markets across the county have experienced the increasing trend of buyers looking to purchase second homes in favorite vacation destinations. The Internal Revenue considers a second home as property occupied by the owner for about two weeks annually or reserved for personal use on average 10% of the time open to generate rental income.

While there may be a list of similarities for purchasing a primary residence, different rules may apply when it…

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Cycling Through the North Carolina Bike Trails

Cyclists have miles of North Carolina bike trails to pedal throughout the state. In fact, North Carolina is a popular destination for mountain biking, competitive cycling events, and those ready to explore scenic bicycle routes crisscrossing the state’s diverse landscape.

North Carolina ranks No. 22nd on the Bicycle Friendly Communities as designated by the League of American Bicyclists. The state is home to 13 bicycle-friendly communities stretching from Asheville, Boone, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte to name a few. Mountain biking is the only way to go for some who want the adventure of taking on some of the state’s challenging bike trails. Cyclists also head to North Carolina to hit the open road to cover a bike route.

There is a lot of ground…

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Use Open House Tips to Make the Sale

The journey of buying or selling a home is an adventure, thus making it necessary for property owners and potential home buyers to rely on open house tips to close the deal. Preparing to buy or sell a property is a process that requires attention to detail, especially during an open house event. Buyers will walk through the door with critical eyes looking for specific features before making an offer.

North Carolina’s thriving real estate market offers a wealth of options from the famous Triangle region encompassing Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. In addition, the mountain ranges in the western part of the state from Asheville to Cashiers and the cluster of islands forming the Outer Banks region are both trending real estate sectors as more people…

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