Some of the best dog-friendly cities in North Carolina are in the mountains. If your furry family member is near and dear to your heart, there is no better place to visit or live than right here in the western part of the state, and there are so many reasons why.

Reasons Your Dog Will Love Western North Carolina

reasons your dog will love western North Carolina

1. The opportunities to run and get fresh air are boundless. The lush green landscape is full of brand new smells and trails for your dog to follow. We all know dogs lead with their nose, and your dog’s nose will lead them to so many interesting places here. Hiking trails, parks, campgrounds, lakes, streams and more are available for your dog to explore. You just have to know where to bring them. Some of the places to take your dog to enjoy the outdoors include, but are certainly not limited to:

Panthertown Valley - This is a collection of trails in Cashiers, NC that ranges from .3 miles to a lengthy, multi-day hike. Panthertown has a hiking trail for everyone.

Gorges State Park - This state park is located in Brevard, NC and you can truly see it all here! Hiking trails, campsites, trout fishing and horseback riding are all at your fingertips if you visit Gorges State Park. And of course, it’s very pet-friendly and your outdoorsy dog will love it.

Standing Indian Campground - Standing Indian is one of the most popular campgrounds in the area. Whether you are camping with an RV or an old-fashioned tent, Standing Indian welcomes everyone. Your dog will love the space to roam, too.

Whiteside Mountain - This hike is great for just the day. 1.9 miles of fairly rocky terrain await, but so do some incredible lookout spots from the top. This is a must-see spot.

Sunset Rock - If you have a four-wheel drive truck or jeep, you can still drive up to the top and walk out to this gorgeous rock face that overlooks the town of Highlands, NC. Otherwise, you may have to make the short hike up. Either way, it’s a gorgeous view and a nice place to have a picnic and enjoy the scenery.

Appalachian Trail - This is likely the best option for the more adventurous families and dog owners! It’s located in Macon County, right down the road from Highlands in Franklin, North Carolina. People come from all over the country and the globe to hike the Appalachian Trail, and while you definitely don’t have to be ambitious and do the whole thing (it stretches from Georgia to Maine) you can definitely hike sections of the trail in Franklin to get a feel for what the North Carolina portion of the Appalachian trail has to offer.

These are just a few outdoor recreation areas that you can take the entire family, including your pup. Just make sure you “pack out” any droppings that your pet might leave behind so these areas stay clean for years to come!

2. We have all the resources you need to take great care of your pet while you’re here.

In all of the dog-friendly cities in North Carolina, you’ll find that there are many businesses that cater to family pets. Whether it’s for a day of spa treatments and grooming or fun treats, here are a few places you can visit while you are hanging out in town:

For Grooming

for grooming


Mountain Dog Spa - Mountain Dog Spa is a trusted, local favorite for dogs that need to get dolled up. Doubling as a doggy daycare where furry pals go to meet, they can groom your pooch, too. Call in advance to see if they are accepting new clients.

Posh Paws - Located in Highlands, Posh Paws is where many Highlanders take their dogs for grooming, and many Landmark employees in our Highlands office take their dogs here as well. When grooming is finished, you can walk in to pick up your pet and see them waiting to greet you in the window!

Woof Gang Bakery - This one is a double-whammy. Woof Gang Bakery is a chain of neighborhood pet stores you can recognize by their hot pink signature color. You’ll see the one in Cashiers, NC and know it by its bright pink door! Not only can your dog get delicious and cute treats in here, they offer grooming services as well. Your dog can leave feeling fresh and pampered, and stop for a treat and a cute new collar on the way out the door.

Any one of these highly-rated grooming places will remind you why our surrounding areas are known as some of the best dog-friendly cities in North Carolina.

For Treats and Goodies

Highlands Mountain Paws - Look no further for all things dog-related. Highlands Mountain Paws is conveniently located on Highlands Main Street and has a treat bar where you can get homemade treats by the pound. You can also find cute keepsakes to represent your favorite breed, so there are gifts for pet parents, too!

Paws on the Mountain - If you make the stop at Cashiers’ Ingles, you should definitely pop over next door to Paws on the Mountain. This is where you’ll find all sorts of necessary pet supplies, toys, harnesses, chews and anything else your dog could want or need.

3. Our surrounding mountain towns are full of pet-friendly businesses that will accommodate your dogs.

Of course we love dogs and we are a dog-friendly company ourselves! However, we do want to stress that you should always ask to bring your dog into any establishment, and know your dog well enough to know if they can handle the environment. Make sure your dog is very friendly towards other people and dogs before bringing them inside a business. It makes the experience less stressful for everyone, including your dog! This includes pet-friendly restaurants and breweries. Luckily, many restaurants in the surrounding towns in Western North Carolina will allow dogs in outdoor seating sections. But it’s always good to call ahead or ask in advance if this is the restaurant’s policy so you aren’t left in a bind because you assumed your pet was invited.

Landmark Realty Group and Pet-Friendly Places

As we’ve said before, a huge part of who we are as a company involves dogs. Our offices remain dog-friendly, and we keep treats on hand for sweet pups that pay us a visit. It’s common to find our brokers and staff with one of their dogs in tow! Not to mention our vacation rental company offers pet-friendly rentals. Landmark Realty Group prides itself on being right in the heart of some of the best dog-friendly cities in North Carolina. If finding the right place for your dog to call home is important to you, we understand. We can help you find the best dog-friendly city in North Carolina for you and all the members of your family. Get in touch with us today so we can find the best new home for you and your pooch.

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