Easy Winter Crafts to Try at Home

As the cold winter weather approaches, outside activities become a little more difficult. One easy way to stay occupied during this time is to partake in easy winter crafts! As many of us most likely have some sort of emotional and physical drain from the crazy events of 2020, crafts are a great way to de-stress. It is great to spend time releasing creative energy and relaxing and focusing your busy mind on something you’ve made on your own with creativity.

Why Craft?

There are many benefits that come with practicing arts and crafts. One big one is togetherness for all ages. You can always do these activities with others and display them around the house. Not only does it encourage others, especially kids to take pride in their work, but it also serves as a memory of time you’ve spent together. Studies have also shown that people suffering from overabundant stress have felt less stressed after engaging in activities like knitting. Studies have also shown that such activities also increase happiness in those who aren’t suffering from any mental stress. In fact, it is shown that those who participate in creative activities show greater day to day happiness over time. Arts and crafts have been used as a form of therapy for many years, proving that self-expression that comes through these activities can heal and provide a sense of self.

Easy Winter Crafts to Try at Home

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

We all know that it can be particularly hard to satisfy some kids’ boredom, and what better way to conquer it than easy winter crafts! Below, we have some easy crafts that are fun to do with the little ones, requiring minimal materials and effort.

Paper Snowflakes – This is a winter classic, easy craft that can serve as simple decorations around the house or on the Christmas tree! The only materials required for this simple craft are paper and a pair of scissors. The simplicity of this craft comes from the need to only fold paper and cut designs. You can find templates online for designs.

Egg Carton Penguins – This is a simple and adorable craft that only requires an empty egg carton, black paint/marker, white and orange paper (you can also color over regular paper with paint or marker), googly eyes, and glue. Simply cut an individual “cup” off the carton and decorate with paper and paint/marker to give penguin characteristics and finish off with some googly eyes!

Paper Cup Luminaries – This simple activity only requires a hole punch, paper/plastic cups, and flameless tea lights. Simply take a cup and cut the bottom out, punch out holes in any way you desire, turn the cup upside down, place the light underneath and now you have your very own homemade luminary!

No-Sew Sock Snowman – This winter craft project makes for a cute and simple way to make decorations. This requires one white sock, rice, rubber bands, markers/paint, and optional pompoms, ribbons, and buttons for decorations. Simply pour rice into your sock and tie it at the top with a rubber band, then tie another one about 3/4ths of the way from the top rubber band to create a head shape. Next, fold down the rest of the sock from the top to form a toboggan for your snowmen, then decorate! You can choose to use marker or hot glue additional details such as buttons, ribbon, or pompoms.

Puzzle Piece Wreath – This is an easy, decorative craft that requires puzzle pieces, ribbon, a hot glue gun, and green and red paint. Start by taking your puzzle pieces and glue them over one another to create a circular wreath shape. Once dried, paint green, and place red dots all over to resemble mistletoe. Finish off by gluing a piece of looped ribbon on the back so it can be easily hung up.

Easy Winter Crafts to Try at Home

Easy Winter Crafts for Adults

Now that we have reviewed popular kid-themed crafts, let’s move to more advanced winter crafts for adults. Many of these crafts require more materials, but they are worth it in the end! Learn how to pass time while creating memorable winter craft pieces.

Mason Jar Snow Globe – This keepsake craft requires a Mason jar with a gasket lid, clear Elmer’s glue, scissors, glue gun, bottle brush Christmas tree, and glitter. Start by taking the ring and insert the mason jar lid and glue them together, then glue your Christmas tree inside of the lid. Next, you prepare your water and glue mixture by pouring Elmer’s clear glue into the jar. You could use more or less, depending on how quickly you’d like your glitter to settle. Next, add as much glitter as you want to the glue and then fill the rest of the jar up with warm water. Then, add the lid and flip over, gently shaking to mix everything together!

Winter Blues Terrarium – For those who are missing the nice greenery of the outdoors, why not bring it into your home? For this project, you will need any kind of glass vessel, small pebbles, activated charcoal, potting soil, small humid loving plant, and basic gardening tools. Start by covering the bottom of the glass with pebbles and then add a layer of activated charcoal over that to keep things fresh. Next, add a layer of potting soil deep enough for your plants to root in. Finish off by adding your plants and another layer of pebbles on top of the soil; and your terrarium is complete.

Bohemian Winter Wreath – Try out this stylish yet minimalistic wreath! Supplies needed for this project include an embroidery hoop, white fabric, white and tan yarn, 2 holiday florals, floral wire, hot glue gun, and scissors. To start, wrap your white fabric around the embroidery hoop and tie a knot in the back once it’s covered. Next, attach yarn at the bottom by looping different strands and tie them off. Do these in different lengths in order to add texture. Take the holiday florals and attach them around the middle of the bottom where the strings are tied with the floral wire. To finish off the wreath, add more yarn to the bottom to cover up the floral wire. Next, tie a loop to the top with the white fabric so it can be hung, and you’re done.

Having a Crafty Holiday in your Home

At Landmark Realty Group, we hope to help you find that special home that you can make your own memories in, just like these winter crafts! We strive to make sure you are getting the best fit for your lifestyle and make it our goal to help our clients in any way possible. If a new house is what makes the holidays brighter for you, then we’re happy to help!

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