What’s Your Home’s History?

 2Oak Crest 829 Foreman Road MLS # 82307

If you asked anyone about town the history of Highlands, you might hear a variety of rich stories. Some might tell you about how Kelsey and Hutchinson got a map, drew some lines, and the result was Highlands. Others might tell you that Highlands was a respite for the ill and point out “Bug Hill,” where Dr. Mary Lapham, a pioneer in the treatment of tuberculosis, prescribed rest, fresh air, and sunshine for her patients in the early 1900s. You might also hear about the dances held at Helen’s Barn, where square dancing and mountain clogging thrived in Highlands for more than 50 years. Memories were made and enduring friendship blossomed at Helen’s barn. But there’s a “silent” history behind those well-known stories.

The history of Highlands would not be complete without looking into the provenances of the homes that make up this community and the people who called them home. Living in Highlands NC has always been full of charm. Buyers and sellers alike can find  out the fascinating history of a home with just a little bit of research. A house may not be on the tourist map as a heritage building or famous landmark, but rest assured every house has a history. Finding out when a home was built, who lived there, and how they changed it can be an amazing journey. A home’s architectural history will tell you about the times in which it was built; the social history traces the occupants of the house over time. Do you know how your home adds to the history of your community? You might be surprised at what you find out!

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