Landmark Realty Group Delivers Premium Marketing utilizing the VisualTour® Marketing System

Our VT Inventory // Landmark Realty Group is providing maximum exposure for all of their clients listings by using the VisualTour® Marketing System. According to a recent survey from the National Association of REALTORS®, 80% of home buyers use the Internet to search for their next home. What do they spend their time exploring? Homes with virtual tours and multiple photos.

Landmark Realty Group is providing home buyers exactly what they want with VisualTour. We can include dozens of panoramic scenes and photos of each listing, accompanied by full text descriptions and a voice narration, ensuring that each home listed has its most attractive and unique features showcased to the largest possible audience of potential home buyers. And with VisualTour, we give current home owners peace of mind as these buyers are pre-qualified by previewing the home on VisualTour before scheduling an appointment to see the home in person says Jane Ebberts.

Each VisualTour can be seen on Yahoo! ® Real Estate Classifieds, REALTOR.com®, Google and numerous other website destinations, all designed to give each home listed with Landmark Realty Group the maximum exposure needed to ensure a successful sale for their clients. VisualTour also includes a Viewing Statistics Report for each home owner. This report enables each home owner to see exactly how many times people have viewed the VisualTour for their home. It is a great way to reinforce the effectiveness of our firm’s Internet marketing strategy, says Jane Ebberts. Just as important, as potential buyers contact our sales associates, we can email a link to other VisualTours in our inventory, saving them time in narrowing down the search for their dream home.

Visit our website at www.landmarkrg.com or contact us at 888-743-0510 and info@landmarkrg.com to see for yourself how powerful our Internet marketing strategy is for today’s consumers and how we can help you build a successful real estate career.