Highlands, NC

You can have it all in Highlands, NC! The best of small town charm, big city conveniences, and laid-back mountain living combine to make Highlands, NC one of the premier towns to live in in all of Western North Carolina. Highlands, NC has a vibrant downtown that features quaint boutiques and award-winning restaurants. Surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest, Highlands, NC boasts beautiful scenery, grand waterfalls, and great hiking for outdoor lovers. For those who prefer refined culture instead of mountain sports, our performing arts centers, museums, and concert events are there for your enjoyment.

Highlands Area Attractions

Highlands History:

Highlands was founded in 1875 after two men, Samuel T. Kelsey and Clinton C. Hutchinson, drew lines from Chicago to Savannah and from New Orleans to New York City. They believed the place where these lines intersected would become a great trading center and commercial crossroads. That place on the map eventually became Highlands, NC.

Though the trading center never materialized, Highlands, NC became known as a health and summer resort due to its clean mountain air and water. Today, people from the southeastern U.S. and beyond still come to enjoy the cool summers that Highlands, NC offers.

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