Enjoy Your Extra Hour This Weekend in the Mountains

Iron Bridge  whiteside mountain

It’s been a mild winter here in the mountains, until the bitter cold and snow of February hit, that is. Don’t despair because spring is on its way and we’re going to get a taste of its glory this weekend. For starters, it’s that time of year again when we need to remember to turn our clocks forward an hour. We can use that extra hour of daylight to enjoy spring like weather that is being predicted for our area. Such spring like weather is sure to bring us all out of hibernation to enjoy our favorite activities, be it a hike in the woods, a front porch visit with neighbors or a relaxed lunch or dinner in the open air at one of our fine restaurants. Why not all three?

Start your day with hike. If a panoramic view is what you’re looking for you would be well advised to make Whiteside Mountain your destination. This approximately two mile hike of moderate intensity follows an old road bed along the brink of some of the most spectacular cliffs in Eastern America. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy some time in the sun while taking in the view of neighboring states. If a reflective walk by the river sounds more to your taste try the Chattooga Loop Trail in Whiteside Cove. This two mile walk starts at the scenic Iron Bridge and offers lots of opportunities to relax on the river bank and let the sounds of nature take you away for a minute, or most of the day. Both of these hikes are conveniently located between Highlands and Cashiers so getting to your destination is a breeze.

You’ll be back into town in time for a late lunch or early dinner and many area restaurants offer outdoor dining. Later, treat yourself to a night on the town. Look for live music at The Ugly Dog Pub, On The Verandah, The Hummingbird Lounge, Micah’s Restaurant, The Cork and Barrel Lounge or JJ’s Canteen and Eatery.

Come enjoy a preview of spring in the mountains. You might decide to stay for a lifetime!