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The Top Mountain Home Interior Design Ideas

Posted by on Monday, April 12th, 2021 at 2:44pm

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Mountain home interior design ideas are popular in regions like Western North Carolina, which is home to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whether you just bought a mountain home, or you’re giving your current home a makeover, you’ll need some tips to help you achieve the look you want. Whether you live in the mountains or not, you can still incorporate some of these elements. This guide will show you how so you can make your house a home and never get tired of showing it off and sharing it with your family and friends.

Using these mountain home interior design ideas, you can turn your home into the perfect mountain retreat. Incorporate natural elements, wood, textures, rustic elements, and colors like brown, green, white and beige to create the ambience you’re trying to create. Think about blending the interior with the exterior, furniture, lighting, textures for the feel, and more. These elements will make your home feel cozy and accentuate your mountain views and surroundings.

  •         Wooden features and natural elements
  •         Large windows to accentuate your mountain views
  •         Blending the inside with the outside
  •         Colors like brown, neutrals, greens and rustic reds
  •         Warm lighting, both ambient lighting and fixed lighting
  •         Incorporating different textures like stone, wood and metal

How Do You Decorate a Mountain House?

how do you decorate a mountain house landmark

Whether you’re giving your current mountain home a makeover, you just bought a home in Western North Carolina and want to incorporate some mountain home interior design ideas, or you love mountain décor and you want to bring some North Carolina rustic flair into your own home, wherever it may be, you’ve come to the right place. This is your comprehensive guide to the top mountain home interior design ideas for any home. 

So how do you decorate a mountain house? This can seem like an overwhelming project. Thankfully, it’s going to be really fun. The first thing to do is start small. Think about the nostalgic things you want to incorporate into the design. Think meaningful knickknacks, family photos, or any other personal items you want to show off. Also consider feng shui and whether you want to incorporate it into your design. 

Next you’ll want to start considering the following design elements:

  •         Color schemes
  •         Are you okay with patterns?
  •         Which textures would you like to incorporate?
  •         What type of mood do you want the space to portray?

Like we said before, decorating your mountain home is like peeling back the layers of an onion. You need to start small. There’s a lot of decision making that goes into mountain home interior decorating ideas so you want to take it a little at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to seem like a chore, if you take steps and stay organized. It can be a great way to get to know your new area, too. Western North Carolina is known for antique stores and you’ll be able to find some serious treasures. Make these items focal points because they’re sure to be conversation starters. You’ll also like knowing that you’re incorporating local flair into your home.

How Do You Decorate a Mountain Cabin?

how do you decorate a mountain house landmark

When incorporating some of these mountain home interior design ideas into a cabin, you’ll want to maximize your space as cabins are typically smaller than mountain homes, although that’s not always the case.

In a smaller home or mountain cabin, you’ll want to use warm, light colors

This helps create the illusion of more space. If your home has a lot of wooden elements, you can consider whitewashing the walls to make your home even brighter. This can take away from the traditional rustic elements of the home, so the decision is up to you. When it’s time to pick the décor, consider using warm tones. If you have natural wood in your home, warm tones will help highlight it and make it pop.

You need a reading nook

Create a reading nook or a place to stretch out and admire the views. You’ll thank us later. There’s just something about the mountains that makes us want to slow down and appreciate the little things. A reading nook makes you want to crawl under a blanket and immerse yourself into a good read. Even if you don’t have that much space, it doesn’t take a lot of room to carve out a reading nook. Be sure to add reliable lighting in this area like a table with a lamp for proper vision.

Lighting makes a difference

Using warm lighting not only makes the space feel more attractive, it also makes your cabin feel more inviting. Pair warm lighting, which helps bring out natural wood tones, with creative lighting fixtures, and you’re in business. Find something with moose antlers on it, branches or other rustic elements. Pair those looks with metal fixtures or fixtures that incorporate a variety of design elements. And most importantly, have fun while you’re doing it! You may be able to find some unique lighting fixtures at local antique stores.

What is Mountain Modern Design?

what is mountain design landmark

Mountain design may conjure up images of dear heads and bear rugs, but it’s much more than that. These designs used to be popular and you may still see them incorporated in mountain homes and mountain towns, but this blog will cover a more modern mountain design aesthetic. We want to help your home look rustic, or modern and clean. Read on for some of the top mountain home interior design ideas.

Some top features of mountain modern design include:

  •         Using local materials or materials that look natural
  •         Oversized windows and doors
  •         Highlighting and accentuating the home's views
  •         Neutral colors and warm tones to complement the home’s wood features
  •         Play up indoor and outdoor living
  •         Incorporate textures

In short, modern mountain design means playing up the beautiful rustic slice of paradise you call home. If you don’t live in Western North Carolina, you can still channel its soothing mountains, greenery and serene settings into your design.

Mountain Home Interior Decorating Ideas

mountain home interior decorating ideas landmark

A mountain home’s interior is so much more than bear rugs, antlers, plaid and branches. It’s about open floorplans, thoughtful touches, clean designs and accentuating the incredible mountain views from your home.

Some recommend working from the outside in. Below are some interior decorating ideas to get you started:

Mountain Home Landscaping Ideas

Your mountain home’s exterior should be simple so the area’s natural elements can stand out and have a chance to shine. One rule of thumb we always go by is that you want to reflect the beauty of the natural landscape around you, not distract from it.

Choose trees and other plants that belong in this type of mountain landscape. When you’re using other materials, we recommend incorporating wood and stone as these reflect the natural elements you’ll find in the area. Here are some native and not-native flowers in Western North Carolina to help get you started. Here are some trees and shrubs native to the Western North Carolina area.

Here are some landscaping tips for your home. If you need more or have any questions, let us know. We love helping our friends spruce up their front yards and increase their home’s curb appeal. There are so many ways to blend the area’s natural landscape into your landscaping.

Mountain Home Living Room Ideas

When it comes to decorating your mountain home and especially your living room, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  •         Enhance the home’s natural light as much as possible
  •         Use a neutral and natural color scheme
  •         Warm lighting is your friend
  •         Incorporate distressed wood and color elements
  •         If you have a fireplace, make sure you accentuate it
  •         Texture it up

Mountain Home Kitchen Ideas

For some, the kitchen is the most important room in the home. It’s where everyone tends to gather, where family dinners are made and for many, the kitchen is their happy place.

Top mountain home interior design ideas for the kitchen:

  •         Consider your storage and which design style you like best
  •         Make it fun and have appliances be part of your design
  •         Using fixtures, think about the small details
  •         Use natural and local materials
  •         Put your own flair on it

Mountain Home Bedroom Ideas

You know those bedrooms you see on HGTV and in magazines like Elle Décor? The ones with epic views in the background; the types of rooms you wish you could escape to because they seem like the ultimate relaxation?

You can have that! All you need to do is incorporate these top mountain home interior design ideas and get to work. The bedroom should be the most luxurious part of the house:

  •         Textures will help the space seem more comfortable.
  •         Think faux fur, velvet and more. Pair these with wood elements for some real nice contrast.
  •         Earth tones like brown, gray, white, etc. and warm lighting will help pull these items together and it’ll help the wooden elements stand out.
  •         If you have a window with a view, consider minimal window coverings so the breathtaking vista stands out.

Mountain Home Color Ideas

Like the home’s suggested interior color scheme, many people opt for natural colors you’d find in the local environment.

  •         Brown
  •         Gray
  •         Green
  •         A combination of these colors and/or other Earth-tone colors

Before you paint your home, make sure you check in with your Home Owner’s Association’s rules and regulations. Some HOAs are very specific and you’ll want to know your options before you get your heart set on a specific color.

If you don’t have to go through an HOA approval, then it’s full steam ahead and you can look forward to whichever color or color scheme you want!

When choosing the color for your next mountain home, you’ll want to take in the architectural style of the house and consider what would work best. Think about the shutters, roof, trim and more. Then think about what color palette would work best on the body of the house and which color would complement the trim.

Think about your neighbors’ homes, too, and whether you want to blend in with other homes on the street, or if you’d like to stand out more. Take the time to research other homes in the area and see what stand out about their outdoor color scheme.

Mountain Home Style Furniture Ideas

Furniture should be both stylish and functional. Furniture determines a person’s eyesight and the flow of the room. Those are some important things to keep in mind.

Leather and glass elements in the living room

Leather is typically used in homes with a rustic theme. To make the space more contemporary and modern, you can add a glass coffee table or opt for the more traditional farmhouse table.


Every mountain home needs a fireplace. A floor-to-ceiling fireplace made with stonework is a more traditional design. More contemporary homes have center room fireplaces. Many agree that one of the most popular mountain home interior design ideas is to highlight the fireplace and make it the centerpiece of the room. Try using metal and stone and mixing in pieces of wood for some serious rustic charm.

Make sure the furniture is proportionate

If your mountain home has a large living room, we recommend incorporating large furniture to match the home. If your home is more contemporary, choose pieces of furniture that will complement it. The same goes if your home is more grandeur, and so on.  

Incorporate wooden elements

Not only is wood a natural element that will blend in nicely with your surroundings and other rustic décor, it can also help your home feel warmer. Wood is also incredibly versatile and easy to incorporate into most design aspects. Think about a wooden coffee table, wooden cabinets in the kitchen and other types of wood décor.

How Can I Decorate My Home Like an Interior Designer?

how can i decorate my home like an interior designer

With these top mountain home interior design ideas, you too can decorate your home like a pro. Many people love taking on the challenge. It’s fun, you get to be creative, show off your personal style and individual tastes and it goes a long way toward making your house feel like a home when you’re directly involved in helping it come together.

The First Step Is Getting Inspiration

Here are some interior design magazines you can pick up at a local grocery store or order online:

  •         Architectural Digest
  •         Better Homes and Gardens
  •         Elle Décor
  •         Southern Living

Here are some TV shows you can watch:

  •         Love It Or List It on HGTV
  •         Property Brothers on HGTV
  •         Get Organized with the Home Edit on Netflix

There are countless websites, TV shows and magazines to help you get started. Pinterest instantly comes to mind. You can get lost in it for hours, but when you’re done, you’ll have so many inspiration boards to help you choose from. When you’re done, look over your design boards and see what kind of story you want to tell. You may have already predicted it or it could totally surprise you. has helped many homeowners create an interior they love, that could be in a design magazine.

Think About Colors

think about colors landmark

Choosing the perfect color scheme can be tricky. It determines the furniture and accents you’ll buy and the overall mood of the home. And what happens if your favorite color scheme doesn’t set off the mood you want to portray? Choosing color is crucial and it may require some compromise. For example, your favorite color might be pink and you may also want to have a primary color scheme of browns, greens and neutral colors to go with the mountain theme of your home. Don’t let this discourage you! You can use your primary color scheme and incorporate pink in accent pieces like curtains, coasters, appliances, paintings, pillows and more. Or try using tonal shades of your favorite colors. For example, if you like pink, think og a deep rose color or a soft, warm blush shade.

This color guide will help get you started.


Rusty reds are cozy and add ambience. Crimson red means energy and passion.


Warm and energetic. Soft peaches and terra cotta shades evoke a sense of calm.


Think happiness, sunshine and energy.


This color makes us think of nature, balance and harmony. Different shades can be more intense, elegant or soothing.


Blue is associated with calmness more than most colors. Great for bathrooms and master bedrooms. Also think of deep navy for a study or library to provide a cozy feeling.


This color is often associated with royalty. It can also inspire creativity and spirituality. Like green, different shades can make us feel different things. Lavender is more calming while plum is more elegant and exotic.


Pink is a very feminine color. It’s grown in popularity recently and muted blush tones are often used to soften the room. Magenta can add a touch of drama.


When we think of white, we think of purity and a clean design. White is a popular choice for anyone looking for a modern and fresh feel. However, it can feel sterile without the proper accents like wood, metals and texture pieces.


Black means different things for different people. Some see it as being dark and moody, while others see it as being a luxurious and elegant color. Black décor pieces, furniture and appliances when not overdone can be a perfect accent in any home.


If you’re going for a rustic mountain theme, you’ll likely be using a lot of brown, which pairs well with greens, neutrals and rustic reds and oranges. Accents like wood and brown leather are a great way to warm up any home.

Mountainside Architecture Tips

Mountainside architecture is popular in Western North Carolina and in the Carolina region, or just about anywhere with prominent mountain ranges. The Highlands-Cashiers Plateau is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is full of lush forests and greenery. The architecture in the region complements these idyllic natural features.

  •         Natural-looking buildings, textures and materials
  •         The buildings need to be aesthetically pleasing and be able to withstand the mountain environment while also blending into the landscape
  •         In mountainside architecture, you’ll often see homes that bring the outside into the interior and vice versa. Take advantage of the trees, landscape and views that come with your home.

Blend into the Surroundings

Design around your home’s natural landscape. It shouldn’t look forced, like you plopped a room down. It has to blend into the home, like it grew out of it. Think of how the house presents itself from the outside as a little tease (or hint) as to what will be found inside.

A Hint of What’s to Come

Choose one of your accent colors in a deeper tone for the front door to send a subtle signal to expect more of one of your favorite colors appearing on the inside.

Sheltering Roofs

Due to the nature of the terrain, mountain homes tend to have various levels and the roofs are often broad sheltering roofs, which look great, but actually have a structural purpose. The design where the roof seems to cascade downward protects against rain, snow and other elements.

Natural Exteriors

In mountainside architecture, the home’s exterior often blends into the surroundings. Think wood, stone, earth tones and more. Roofs sometimes have copper accents or may be built with slate or shake shingles. Incorporating rustic barn wood in exterior accents like windows, doors and trim will also give the home a unique rustic look.

Mountain Home Design Trends

mountain home design trends landmark

Here are some mountain home design trends that have become popular in the past few years to help get you started:

  •         Windows are getting better and doing more to accentuate your view
  •         Kitchens are more of a focal point
  •         Indoor-outdoor living is increasing in popularity
  •         It’s all about natural materials
  •         Think timeless and classic elements

People tend to gather in the kitchen more than any other home so it makes sense that kitchens are getting more emphasis on design. It’s not just about getting nice appliances anymore, it’s more about choosing appliances and fixtures that also design elements.

If you have impressive mountain views, why not show them off with big windows? Large windows are making an impact and often with minimal window coverings to further emphasize the view. 

If you live in a place as beautiful as Western North Carolina, one of the best mountain home interior design trends we can give you is to bring the outside inside. Opening up the interior to the outside so you can feel like you’re outside with the comfort of being inside, is a game-changer.

Like we’ve mentioned before, wood, stone and other natural elements are big mountain home design trends. They’re also timeless.

Modern Mountain Home Interior Trends

Here are some of the top trends when it comes to the top mountain home interior design ideas:

  •         Unique exteriors
  •         Open, clean layouts
  •         Big windows that highlight views
  •         Texture and natural materials
  •         Indoor and outdoor living

When it comes to modern mountain home interior trends, a unique exterior is one of the top trends. Mountain homes typically come in A-frame designs or a square or rectangular design. However, a new take on modern mountain homes are becoming popular. Think sharp designs, homes that blend into the landscape and clean and modern edges.

You won’t find a maze of wood panel rooms in modern mountain homes. Clean, open concept designs are in style. This way the mountain views can be seen from everywhere in the home.

Like we mentioned previously, large windows are a trend and they’re here to stay. If you have impressive views, why not show them off?

Textures can help make your home feel warmer and cozier. They also add to the overall rustic décor theme. Try incorporating local elements, too.

Walking into a room that feels like you’re outside while remaining inside is an art form. Think retractable windows, ski-out basements and large covered decks. Your home will feel like a mountain escape in no time.

Rustic Mountain Home Design Trends

When it comes to rustic mountain home design trends, think of different types of wood, metals and stonework. Incorporate different elements in your interior and your exterior and find ways to stand out and show off your personality. Decorating and constructing your mountain home is all about getting in touch with your natural surrounds, building something that feels calm and soothing and incorporating your style.

If you look for natural materials, earth tones, browns, rustic reds and place an emphasis on mixing the interior with the exterior, you’re on your way to becoming a mountain home interior design pro.

If you have any questions or you’re looking for a home with specific elements, any of our Landmark Realty Group real estate agents are happy to help. We know the area like the backs of our hands and we can recommend the top local interior designers if you’d like some professional assistance and advice.

Find A Mountain Home with Landmark

We love helping our friends make their mountain homes the paradise they’ve always envisioned. Whether you need mountain home interior design ideas or you’re looking for the perfect mountain home to make into your own personal retreat, any of our Landmark real estate agents are happy to help.

Let us know what you’re looking and we’ll get to work finding properties that check off all the boxes on your wish list. We have homes in a variety of areas on the Plateau, whether you’re looking for a lake house, large single-family home, home close to town, or a more secluded option, we have options.

Contact us today to get started. The Plateau captured our hearts and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We hope you enjoy paradise as much as we have!

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