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Summer Home Maintenance Tips for Your North Carolina Home

Posted by on Friday, April 16th, 2021 at 4:05pm

 summer home maintenance tips

Nothing says summer in North Carolina like perfect temps for hiking and being outside, chasing waterfalls, eating mouthwatering meals outside at area restaurants—and summer home maintenance. Home maintenance should be done on a regular basis each year and summer is an ideal time to get your hands dirty and accomplish tasks when the weather is more agreeable.

When it’s time to start making a yearly maintenance schedule for your home, it’s best to divide the tasks up by each season. Summer home maintenance tips for your North Carolina home include things like cleaning the patio and deck, garage, drains and gutters, chimney, sealing leaks, painting the exterior, routine maintenance and more.

Read on to learn about these North Carolina summer home maintenance tasks so you can create the ultimate home maintenance checklist for your home, whether you’re in North Carolina or not. These summer home maintenance tips will work anywhere. Here are our top summer home maintenance tips so you can get started getting your North Carolina home in tip-top shape, whether you’re looking to sell, or you just want to give it some TLC.  

How Do I Prepare My House for Summer?

After the winter, it’s understandable that your home may need a little TLC. Cold weather can take a toll on any home. In order to keep it looking good all year, you’ll need some summer maintenance tips to help get you started. 

9 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

  1.      Check out your central heating system
  2.      Clean drains and gutters
  3.      Make sure water isn’t getting onto your property
  4.      Give the chimney some love
  5.      Inspect your yard
  6.      Seal the leaks. Who needs those?
  7.      Are the decks okay?

What Is Considered Routine Maintenance On a House?

what is considered routine home maintenance on a house

We make maintaining our health and our car a priority. Our home sweet home should get regular maintenance checkups, too. So, what is considered routine maintenance on a house? These routine tips and summer home maintenance tips will help you create the ultimate home maintenance checklist so your home’s plumbing, heating appliances, cooling, exterior and electrical systems will all get the tender love and care they deserve.

Here are some routine maintenance tasks to revisit each month:

  •         Clean your garbage disposal regularly by putting a few ice cubes down it, flushing it with hot water and some baking soda
  •         Test smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors
  •         Check out sink drains and unclog them if necessary
  •         Are your electrical cords okay or are they showing signs of wear?
  •         To remove sediment that’s accumulated over a period of time, flush out hot water from the water heater
  •         Are outdoor and indoor vents blocked?

How Much Should You Set Aside for Home Maintenance?

How much you should set aside for summer home maintenance and other maintenance projects can vary based on where you live, the weather, how old your home is, the type of home you live in, what kind of shape it’s in, and unforeseen issues that could arise.

According to, when it comes to annual home maintenance, homeowners spend up to $1,105 each year. However, more than 30% said they had to deal with an emergency repair, which can make that number go up.

Using these summer home maintenance tips and keeping up with your home throughout the year could help you reduce costs in the long run. Regularly inspecting your home and doing general upkeep will also familiarize you with your home a little more so you may eventually be able to spot maintenance issues before they become a bigger issue.

How Can I Reduce My Home Maintenance?

You may be thinking there are some ways you can reduce how much you spend each year on home maintenance.

Here are some things you can do to help reduce your home maintenance costs:

  •         Conducting routine maintenance will go a long way toward helping to reduce your annual home maintenance costs
  •         Create a schedule and inspect your home regularly
  •         Create a seasonal home maintenance schedule. These summer home maintenance tips can help.
  •         Try and fix things yourself, but be mindful of the need for an expert
  •         Get to know your home and its pain points
  •         Start a home maintenance emergency fund

Weekly Home Maintenance Checklist

weekly home maintenance checklist

Here are some weekly home maintenance tips to help get you started:

  •         Check for leaks on ceilings and under sinks. Spotting a leak early is key to it not getting out of hand and costing you a lot of money later on.
  •         Making sure that the moisture level in your home is balanced is important. Keeping it in check can quell bacteria and mold, which loves high humidity. This is something to keep a closer eye on in the summer months when the temperature is higher and it’s more humid outside.

Summer Home Improvement Tips

Summer is the perfect time to work on home maintenance, especially on your home’s exterior. The weather makes it much more bearable.

For the inside of your home, these summer home maintenance tips will get you started:

  •         Dust ceiling fans and other surfaces
  •         Have your chimneys inspected and swept annually
  •         Check in with your cooling system
  •         Clean the windows
  •         Declutter to your heart’s content
  •         Change your air conditioner’s filter regularly

Outside Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Enjoy the weather, put on some music and give your home’s exterior some love.

  •         Give your deck a nice deep clean and reseal or restain as needed
  •         Spruce up your landscaping. Here are some landscaping tips for your home.
  •         Clean downspouts and gutters
  •         Wash the windows
  •         Wash the porch
  •         See how the caulking around the doors and windows is holding up
  •         Are there any outdoor leaks?
  •         Get the hot tub ready
  •         It’s a great time to give your exterior paint a touch-up
  •         Could your curb appeal use some love?
  •         Inspect your roof

End of Summer Maintenance Tips

When summer starts to come to an end, it’ll be time to start thinking about fall and getting your house ready for the upcoming seasons.

Here are some end of summer home maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  •         Clean outdoor cushions
  •         Clean outdoor furniture
  •         Clean grill utensils and clean the grill
  •         Give your gardening tools a good scrub
  •         Drain and clean the mower
  •         Clean and organize the garage

Find a Home with Landmark

If summers in North Carolina sound appealing to you, let us know! Anyone on our team of professional real estate agents will be happy to help you find your next North Carolina dream home. Enjoy it as a second home in the summers or get to know the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau all year long. These summer home maintenance tips will help keep your home in tip-top shape and this home maintenance yearly checklist for every season will help you keep up with fall, winter and spring home maintenance.

If you’d like more information on living in Western North Carolina or one of the homes available on our website, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We can give you an overview of the area and find you a home that checks off all the boxes.

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