When buying a new house, something that makes it a home is your own personal touch. Antique stores in Western North Carolina are very and a special way to add character into a home is to use unique objects that others may not have, like antiques!

Why Antiques?

Why Antiques?

For many, decorating with antiques is a way to connect with our past and create a sense of history in the space we live in. We often find ourselves stumbling upon hidden treasure finds that accidentally create a love at first sight type of feel accident, while some people are lucky enough to carry these antiques down through many generations. On the other hand, we also have collectors that dedicate their lives to finding these hidden treasures in order to share them with others. Fascinatingly, humans are sensitive to things that are older than they are, knowing that these simple objects have and will remain a piece of history long after we are gone. It provides a sense of humans knowing they will outlive the fast-paced lifestyle many of us lead.

What is the Difference Between Antique and Vintage?

Antiques are typically categorized as objects that are 100 years older or more, while anything more than 20 years old can be considered vintage. Although antique and vintage objects are considered to be different in terms of age, decorating with them is one in the same. You’re taking objects of from the “old world” and blending them in with the new. When decorating with antiques, it is important to remain cautious that even though some objects may be valuable and rare, it is still vital to remember you are decorating for a living space and not a museum. Use the objects to make the area comfortable and welcoming while also giving it character and beauty.

Popular Antique Stores in Western North Carolina

Whistle Stop Shop Depot – This antique mall is one of the most unique in the Western North Carolina area. This spacious shop features over 100 dealers and provides an abundance of selections to choose from. Whistle Stop is located in the town of Franklin which is an area rich in culture and heritage, just 20 minutes away from Highlands, NC. This is a very popular antique store in Western North Carolina, attracting people from all over the surrounding areas!

Mantiques – Mantiques in Cashiers, NC isn’t just like any other antique shop, it is like a combination of a museum and treasure chest mixed together! Even though they have a lot of merchandise targeted towards men, it’s fun for the women to browse around their unique objects as well!

Mirror Lake Antiques – Mirror Lake Antiques, in Highlands, is located right across from the famous Old Edwards Inn. They offer a variety of antique merchandise including jewelry and sterling silver.

Vivianne Metzger Antiques - Vivianne Metzger Antiques in Cashiers, NC specializes in merchandise dating all the way back to 18th century Europe. They have an abundance of merchandise including furniture and accessories. Even our very own agent here at Landmark Realty Group, Bill Tibbetts, works with Vivianne Metzger Antiques to help bring these special finds to the area!

Reclamations – This store is located in- between Highlands and Cashiers, giving customers a wide range of vintage and antique items to choose from. This is a very popular antique store in Western North Carolina as many of their items are very unique and one- of- a- kind! As part of their store is outside, keep in mind weather conditions may affect their store hours!

Decorating with Antiques

Decorating with Antiques

Like any other kind of decorating, it is always a good idea to get some sort of idea as to what kind of vibe or energy you are trying to accomplish within your home. You can start off ideas by picking a statement piece to work around. This makes it easier to find things to complement the object. Sometimes, one good piece can say it all, being the main attraction in a room. It is important to consider other design elements that could compete for attention and make the room appear overdone and too simulating. Antiques can also liven up a room by adding a bit of whimsy to an overly strict design. Try something colorful and different!

Although antiques are always fun to look at, they don’t always need to be the centerpiece of a room. Antiques can also be used to add subtle character. This can be achieved through rugs, small accessories, and accent items. Although it is always different being able to use an original antique item, it should not be discouraging to use reproductions or objects that are inspired by other pieces. It is important to note how a piece of décor makes you feel instead of how old it is or when it was made. Good designs will continue to carry on and people just continue to add on their own iterations throughout the decades, almost like creating a new layer of history within the design.

When decorating with antique and vintage items, you can always repurpose the item. A great example would be taking old bookcases for example and reconstructing them into a home. If you like an item, but don’t know exactly how it may fit into your home, think about the ways you could use it in a new way to give it a new purpose.

Layering is a great part of designing older pieces with new designs, and a rather interesting way of embracing these pieces within your home. Combine the two together in ways that complement your style and home. You could always even display your antiques as a clever collection. Pottery and collections make wonderful displays! And don’t be afraid of mixing different styles and periods within your home. Some may think of it as madness, but it can also provide a sense of elegance;, showcasing pieces from different countries and time periods.

Find Your Plateau Style with Antique Stores in Western North Carolina

Whether you’re buying a new home or just looking for a new style within your home, antique stores in Western North Carolina are a fun and interesting way to go! Through these objects, one can create special memories and share them within your home with friends and family. Find your dream home with us here at Landmark Realty Group, so you can add a special touch of your own!

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