2nd Annual Sapphire Valley Outhouse Race

Landmark Realty Group Takes 2nd Place Only to the Event Host

Sapphire, North Carolina – ( March 1, 2008) – Sapphire Ski Resort

Ready, set, go!

Lucas Pitman, driving for Landmark Realty Group, prepares for the event. Wayne Monday (left) and Kevin Ebberts (right) are the 'pushers' for the Landmark team.

The second annual Sapphire Valley Outhouse Race drew around 200 people, lots of laughs and a good time. In addition to the races, there was a static parade so that everyone could see the craftsman ship that went into each outhouse. Live music and food helped round out the all day event. The proceeds from the race went to benefit the Tamassee DAR School’s after school program. Sapphire Valley will be holding another outhouse race on the fourth of July – on wheels.